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  1. I found myself at the mall play area with my two little girls. Taking my kids to the mall is common when I’m left alone at home with them. I guess part of me believes that having a smaller enclosed area and several other adults around increases the supervision quality of my parenting. Fortunately, I’m not hoping this blog will prove to be helpful to those seeking parenting advice. Something happened this time when I was at the mall. As usual I got my kids situated and sent them to go play. I sat down, pulled out my phone, and did my usual checks. While I was checking things on my phone, I found myself extremely bored…much quicker than usual. I looked up to check on my kids and saw them playing as normal but then looked over and saw a mom sitting across from me and there was something about her that struck me. She was watching her child (without the use of a cell phone) and she glowed with a joy that, at the time, seemed almost in complete contrast to the way I felt after looking through my phone. I was dead, she was alive. The spirit was at work. I watched her for a few seconds when I suddenly had this thought come to me…God is never checking his cell phone…He never has anything better to do than to look on me with His eyes of love. I can’t explain it but this thought didn’t come from me, it was truly a gift from God…it was God. My encounter with him changed me that day. The reality of the distraction that my phone can be to me became so real that day. Many times since when my wife has nudged me a bit to get off my phone, I have remembered that day (yes, I still struggle often to be free from this distraction). Many times I’ve looked at my kids and am confident that I draw strength from what God gave me that day I desire to have what that woman possessed that day and pray that God will give me the grace to look at and love my children the way that he looks at and loves me.
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