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ComeFollow.Me is an online community intended to assist disciples along their journey. Here you can join your parish and diocesan community, create a community with the people you met through a recent event, read inspiring blogs, discuss the content of the faith, and more!
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Our platform fosters and encourages community. Whether you are desiring to enhance a small group you are in or join together with others from your parish and/or diocese, we've made it possible for you to do so.

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Being a disciple of Jesus Christ can be difficult at times. Visit ComeFollow.Me for daily inspirations and reflections from others, read articles discussing various topics of the faith, and share your own faith with others by starting a blog of your own!
  • Scripture and Loneliness

    Not long ago, I found myself at home alone and filled with an aching loneliness.  The way this loneliness suddenly pierced my heart took me by surprise. It wasn’t caused by one large event or situation, but rather a combination of different factors in life.  Nevertheless, the magnitude of the feeling of isolation caused me to feel a pain worse than many physical pains I’ve endured. My phone was nearby and I wanted to mindlessly scroll through Facebook until I forgot the pain.  Or watch some

    Trish Irvine
    Trish Irvine
    Reflections from the Journey

    God Never Takes His Eyes Off You

    I found myself at the mall play area with my two little girls. Taking my kids to the mall is common when I’m left alone at home with them. I guess part of me believes that having a smaller enclosed area and several other adults around increases the supervision quality of my parenting. Fortunately, I’m not hoping this blog will prove to be helpful to those seeking parenting advice. Something happened this time when I was at the mall. As usual I got my kids situated and sent them to go play.

    Eric Gallagher
    Eric Gallagher
    Reflections from the Journey

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